1.5.2021 v3.0
  -Universal app (Intel and ARM Mac's)
 - Minor adjustment to Edit History Window

PageSector is a prefect choice for a strategy guide for a game, some story you want to read, or any text file you have and would like to save your spot so you could come back to that point later. With PageSector its a breeze.

With PageSector you can open text files and save at any point in the text you wish by adding section names (book marks). You can label the section names, what ever you want. PageSector keeps track of the section names and where they correspond in the text. Also PageSector keeps track of the files you have opened so you won't have to track them down again. You can also do a search in the text file.

Authors of stories,  strategy guides or any text file my want to distribute the Section file('s) with there text file('s), users can see a list of topics, chapters, sections, etc.. and go to them with ease.

Requirements -
Mac OS 10.10 or higher
Intel Mac

Windows 98 or higher

Mac  PageSector

Windows (1.7) PageSector