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Mac version

Windows version

Erockus Arcade is dedicated to my mom who passed in 2018.

v10.1  8.31.2022 (Mac & Windows)

- Updated for MAME .247
- M&D Monon Color added to Systems


10.14.2015 v2.0 (Windows)

- Windows version released.

1.2.2015 v1.0 (Mac)

Initial release

Erockus ARCADE is a Frontend app for MAME.

Erockus ARCADE does not actually play games.

ErockusArcade is designed to simplify the use of MAME.

Erockus ARCADE is not supported nor endorsed by the people behind MAME.

Erockus ARCADE may not work with all versions of MAME.

* Inclusion of backdrops have been removed to reduce file size due the server host changing file size limits in the TOS. Backdrops, for now, will be a separate download.

10.10 or higher
Apple Silicon

7, 8, 10

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